Trawling in the Koster Sea - Sustainable fishing

Trawling in the Koster Sea - Sustainable fishing


In the Koster Sea, the fishermen themselves have been involved in developing tools for sustainable fishing.
They protect the shrimp stock and have for many years developed selective tools themselves.
Come along and see how they fish only the quantity that can be sold and how they protect sustainable fishing!

We are getting ready to depart for an archipelago tour in the Koster Sea.
Perhaps one of the most exclusive archipelago experiences you've experienced?

In the Kosterfjorden, you meet a trawler that makes a "hail" as we say in Norra Bohuslän.
We go up towards the fishing boat which is about to pull up the trawl and follow the fishermen at work
for a while.
When the trawl is up and the catch on board, we go into the fishing boat and "board",
put us right next to it, to take on board the freshest shrimp you've ever eaten!
While we sit at the table to enjoy the shrimp and the accessories that go with it,
the fishing boat continues towards port for landing and further sale of the catch.

We partner with local shrimp fishermen on this trip.
This tour can be booked as a charter for other parts of the year outside of our tour list.


Departure 2024

Tuesday 2 July - 6 August

Must be pre-booked by 12:00 the day of departure.
Booked through our website.
Children under 6 must be booked because of the maximum number of passengers on board.
For telephone or mail bookings we charge a booking fee of 100: -.
Due to coronavirus, we will be driving with a smaller number of passengers.
This may result in it being fully booked sooner.

Departure Daftö Resort 4:50pm
DepartureNorra Hamnen 5:30pm
Return Daftö Resort 9:30pm
Return Norra Hamnen 10:00pm

Subject to weather and unforeseen maintenance of the fishing boat. In such circumstances, an alternative schedule is offered.


Includes boat tour, fresh shrimp with all the trimmings, guided talk. Drinks are not includes.
Must be pre-booked by 12:00 the day of departure .

Adult 995 SEK
Youth 13-17 years 795 SEK
Child 6-12 years 295 SEK 
Child under 6 years Free

Children under 6 years must be booked on the basis
of the maximum number of passengers on board.

Welcome aboard!